13 Indicted By Grand Jury
Published: August 23rd, 2013
By: Kevin Doonan

NORWICH – The Chenango County grand jury handed up a number of criminal indictments on Wednesday. At a grand jury proceeding, the Chenango County District Attorney’s Office presents evidence against those they wish to prosecute. It is up to the jury to decide if there is enough reasonable cause to charge a person with a felony offense.

Those indicted by the grand jury are arraigned before the county or Supreme Court judge at a later date.

The grand jury indicted 13 individuals:

• Tafari J. Simmons, 19, of Brooklyn, was indicted on two counts of third degree criminal possession of a controlled substance, a class B felony; and one count of fourth degree criminal possession of a controlled substance, a class C felony.

Allegedly Simmons, at approximately 1:52 p.m. on June 5, 2013, had 23 individually wrapped packages containing the narcotic drug cocaine, at 8 Mechanic Street in the City of Norwich. It is believed Simmons intended to sell the packages containing a total of 4.52 grams of cocaine as well as five individually wrapped packages of the narcotic drug heroin.

• Thomas E. Bates, 45, of Norwich, was indicted on the charge of driving while ability impaired by drugs, a class E felony.


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