I Miss You, Norwich
Published: August 22nd, 2013

I miss you, Norwich

How are you doing, Norwich? I came back to China safely last month, but I miss you so much! I visited America starting on June 10, with stops at Washington, D.C., Boston and New York City before coming to you, Norwich, on June 26.But the favorite part of my visit to the United States was a few days of staying in you.

What impressed me most is your blue sky and white clouds ... I miss them!

You may take them for granted, but I don't. Your sky is a gorgeous deep blue that I have never seen in China.

In China, I had heard many times from those who came back from America that your sky is too bright and blue to even open our eyes, but now I know the truth; what a breath-taking view that a truly blue sky is. Your clouds are so clean and white, like they were just washed. Your clouds change shapes; sometimes they are like flowers, sometimes like animals.I always stopped, looked up at your blue sky and white clouds, took a deep breath, then said, "so beautiful."

When I stood in the blue sky I felt like I was in a fairy tale. I have been back home for almost one month, but every time when I looked up at my gray sky, I miss you more!

And I miss your green grass so much. It is unbelievable; almost every family has a house with lots of green grass. I saw a child swinging on a swing above the grass; I thought it was a kindergarten, but no, it was his own home. I like green grass so much, but here in my high-rise apartment I only can put a piece of green grass in my little glass vase. And your green grass is everywhere - in front of your school, in the park, wherever, everywhere. I laid down on your grass one day, enjoying the fresh grass smell with my eyes closed and my arms opened. It felt like time stopped; I was a child and I did not want to grow up any more. Now when I miss your green grass, I need to drive through a noisy street to go to a park.

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And I miss your clear starry evenings! Just once, I laid back on a reclining lawn chair on the grass, enjoying your clear starry evening. There were so many clear stars watching me, saying hello to me, a Chinese teacher. Just once, and I fell in love with your evening sky. It was so beautiful and romantic. I took a picture of the chairs on the grass - every time I look at that picture I miss you, very much!

And I miss your milk and yogurt! I have never enjoyed so much milk and eaten so much yogurt. In China I bought some small boxes of milk for my son before. But after the news in my country about how poor the quality the Chinese milk was, I never bought milk again in China. But in Norwich, you guys buy such large containers of milk, and it is just $3.99. That’s why I could drink many full glasses of milk every day here. And it tastes so nice and natural, without any additives.

Your thick yogurt has so many kinds of fruits inside and they smelled so nice that I ate it every day. When I came back home, my friends all asked me the same question, "You traveled a lot in America, why is your skin still so nice?" I told them my secret, “Because I drank so much Norwich milk every day." But now I do not have your milk to drink any more.

The peacefulness of your life and the friendliness of Norwich residents were very touching to me. I miss them! I went to St. Paul's Catholic Church to learn about American culture. There they shook hands with me and said "Peace be with you" with warm smiles on their faces. Everywhere I went in your city people were very patient and polite.

When your Independence Day celebration was cancelled due to the recent floods, I went to Sherburne for their fireworks display, where the park was filled with many people who were sitting on the grass. After the fireworks finished they all clapped together.

There were so many wonderful memories I had when I visited you, dear Norwich. I will not forget you. I wish I could be back to see you again.

Your friend,

Lilyan (Chen Hua)

Yuhuatai District, Nanjing, China