Three Plead Guilty In County Court
Published: August 22nd, 2013
By: Kevin Doonan

NORWICH – Three individuals pleaded guilty to various felony and misdemeanor crimes this week in Chenango County Court.

• John P. Winn, 27, of Bainbridge, admitted to a two count violation of probation petition and was re-sentenced accordingly. Winn had been on probation for two separate convictions: one in 2011 for felony driving while ability impaired by a drug and another for third degree criminal possession of a controlled substance in 2012. He had been sentenced to two overlaping five-year terms of probation which were to run congruent. However, with his probation revoked, Winn was re-sentenced to a one and a third to a four year sentence in state prison for the DWAI conviction. He was also re-sentenced for his third degree criminal possession of a controlled substance charge for which he received a three year determinate sentence to run concurrent with his DWAI sentencing. He was also sentenced to Shock Incarceration – a military style drug treatment program for New York State prisoners. Two years of post supervision will also commence once Winn is released from state prison.

As part of his plea agreement, Winn admitted on record to having been arrested on March 29, 2013, for unlawful possession of marijuana and disorderly conduct.

Said Chenango County District Attorney Joseph McBride, “Hopefully shock treatment will help him get it together so he won’t have to appear in this or any other court again.”


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