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We're on our way, Patrollers! It's hard to believe that the summer is already half over. Hmm, if that would only work for winter too. Anyway, the Toddster is still working and keeping busy finishing up some summer movies and reviews as always. Still some more reviews coming to finish up the summer and a few DVDS too. Time to get working.

New on DVD

Oblivion - History always has a way of fascinating anyone. Jack (Tom Cruise) just wanted to understand how the Earth was before most of it was destroyed during an alien invasion. It's his job to maintain devices that clean the Earth's water so that it can power a major space station so they can leave for Mars within a month. The more of the history he finds out, the more about his job doesn't make sense. Jack finds a spacecraft that crashes and contains a woman named Julia (Olga Kurylenko). Jack has been dreaming about her and they lived together before the Earth was destroyed. The question is how can that be? Jack's superiors don't want him to find anymore and they send their machines to kill them both. He accepts sanctuary from people who have lived underground led by a man named Beech (Morgan Freeman). They tell Jack about how things really are but he doesn't believe them. Will Jack be able to find out the real truth. Cruise is currently working on "All You Need is Kill" with a rumor that the title may change, and he's also getting ready to do a new "Mission: Impossible" to be released within two years.

Mud - You never know what you'll find until you look. Ellis (Tye Sheridan) and his pal Neckbone (Jacob Lafland) go walking through the woods where they find a man living out there who tells them his name is “Mud" (Matthew Mcconaghuey). Mud tells them stories on how he's on the run from the law and he wants to meet up with his lady love Juniper (Resse Witherspoon). The two friends decide to help him but Mud tells them it might be dangerous. The boys make the decision to do it anyway. Is Mud being truthful with them and what will happen if Mud is not? Mcconaghuey has a lot of DVDs that the patrol has reported on over the years and a few available on DVD include "Failure to Launch,""Contact," and "Fool's Gold (with Kate Hudson).

New on Blu Ray

Passenger 57 - It's not often people get a job that kind of grows on you in a hurry. John Cutter (Wesley Snipes) was a rescue specialist but wasn't sure he wanted to get back into the game after the death of his wife during a robbery gone bad. John's friend Sy Delvecchio (Tom Sizemore) talks him into taking a meeting with his boss who heads a major airline. At the same time, the FBI is transporting Charles Rain (Bruce Pane) but they don't inform anyone about it. Sy invites John to make their presentation at the stockholders meeting, but he has to fly to get there. Both men are on the same plane. What the FBI doesn't know is Rain's people are the plane and they're there to free him. They didn't count on John Cutter. Can Cutter stop Rain and his men before he kills all the passengers on the plane? It's going to take Snipes a while to get back into the swing of things since he just got out of jail, but some of the Toddster's favorites available on DVD include "Major League,""The Art of War," and "Blade."

New in Theaters

2 Guns - When you're on the same side fighting for justice, the trick is knowing who to trust. This is the problem that Bobby Trench (Denzel Washington) and Mike "Stig" Stigwell (Mark Wahlberg) face. They're both working for a drug cartel trying to get their hands on some dirty money and what the other doesn't know is they’re both undercover agents working for different government agencies. What they want to do is pick up some money that belongs to a drug cartel headed by Papi Greco (Edward James Olmos). They go into the bank where the money is but the two partners find out that there is more money there than there should be. Bobby and Stig take it anyway and will figure out later were it should go. They rob the bank and then Stig shoots Bobby, who takes off with the money. It turns out that the bank is actually a CIA front where they store their money and are scattered all over the country. Now the CIA has targeted the pair with Agent Earl (Bill Paxton) coming after them. They are both made to look like they are rogue agents. They have to find a way to trust each other and clear their names. Can they do it?

The Toddster's Take - I was really surprised by this one. Wahlberg is good with action and really funny when he wants to be. What the most surprising thing was, Washington was pretty funny too and he's actually very natural with it. The story wasn't bad and this one teams Wahlberg with his "Contraband" director once again. This was a good one. You'll like it!

It's time for a break and Colorscape is just around the corner, where I'll be checking things out and making an appearance with my pals from the paper. Our teamup is around the corner and the Toddster still has a few more movies for next time. What will it be? Be here next week.

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