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Live Long and Prosper, Patrollers! The DVD Patrol has long been a fan of Star Trek and you wouldn't know it, but the Toddster is a classic closet Trekkie. He just doesn't get all decked in the outfits, but he does know good Star Trek when he sees it. Over the course of almost five decades, from the classic Star Trek crew with Captain Kirk that started it all to the Enterprise crew that predated Mr. Spock and the rest of the crew, here are some good picks for you. Phasers on Stun!

Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan – Just when you think a hero's mission is done ... Admiral James T. Kirk (William Shatner) has managed to move on and is making his mark in Starfleet Command. Kirk is feeling the itch of getting back into action because traveling through the galaxy is his one true calling. Spock (Leonard Nimoy) has taken over as captain and is training a new crew for the Enterprise and planning to take them on a training cruise. They're about to get on the job training after a distress call is received and only the Enterprise can respond. Little do Kirk and Spock know that their old enemy, Khan (Ricardo Montalban), has stolen a weapon that could destroy the galaxy. Will Kirk and his new crew be able to stop Khan before he carries out his ultimate plan to kill Kirk?

Star Trek: The Next Generation - Encounter At Far Point (Pilot) – In 1987, Creator Gene Roddenberry, who envisioned a different crew for the Enterprise, decided to see if lightning could strike twice and, in this case, it did. We join Jean Luc Picard (Patrick Stewart) as he brings First Officer Will Riker (Jonathan Frakes), the Android with a heart Mr. Data (Brent Spiner), the first Klingon to join Starfleet, Mr. Worf (Micheal Dorn), and the rest of the crew as they go to investigate strange happenings on a new outpost that Starfleet is trying to establish. On their way there, they meet a strange and powerful being named Q (John Delancie), who is using this conflict as a test for humanity to see if they are worthy to keep existing. Picard and his crew are about to be tested like they never have before. Are they up to the task?

Star Trek: Voyager - Caretaker: (Pilot) – Even Starfleet crews can get lost in space. Captain Kathryn Janeway (Kate Mulgrew) has been given the newest ship that Starfleet has to offer in "Voyager" as she and her crew are sent to find a group of rebels called the Maquii who broke off from them because they didn't agree with their policies and wanted to things their own way. Janeway's First Officer, Commander Tuvok (Tim Russ) has infiltrated them to get more information on them. Voyager manages to catch up to the Maquii ship in a rough area of space called the "Badlands" where it has been rumored many ships have been disappearing. Suddenly, a strange force lands both ships on the other side of the galaxy with missing members from both of their crews. Now both crews will have to work together to figure out what brought them across the universe. Are the crews going to be able to work side by side to find a way home?

Star Trek: Enterprise - Broken Bow (Pilot) – Legends have to begin somewhere. Captain Jonathan Archer (Scott Bakula) has been given the first Starship, called "Enterprise," to seek out and explore strange new worlds. Jonathan might not have the most open mind for the job because he hasn't always liked the alien race called the Vulcans who visited the Earth 100 years earlier and helped them solve a lot of the Earth's problems. Jonathan's Father helped build the engine for the Enterprise, but passed away before it was completed and he hasn't liked that fact for a very long time. He'll have to find a way to bury his feelings. A Klingon has crashed on Earth and has to be taken back home. The Vulcans don't think that Earth beings are ready for this. Jonathan disagrees with them and he's given the go-ahead to take him home. The Vulcans send one of their own in the form of T'Pol (Jolene Blalock) to help them. On their way there, the Enterprise is boarded by aliens who want any information that the Klingon might have. Can Archer and the Crew rescue the alien captive to prove they are capable to be out in space?

There you go, Patrollers! The Star Trek guide according to the Toddster. Everyone has their favorite Star Trek episodes and movies that they like but these were just a few options to pick from. Next week we've got something completely different but, you'll have to join us then. Soar off into the sunset and straight on until morning. You'll find the Toddster to be there.

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