Sometimes It's The Little Things

By: Brian Golden

If nothing else, it was nice to see a little sunshine brighten things up around the newsroom – and the county, in general – this week, thanks to Mother Nature. And despite the recent headlines – bombings in Boston, suspicious letters, trials, convictions, arrests and so forth – there’s also been some good news. Our local Relay For Life recently held yet another successful (judging by the public response to date) Paint the County Purple day, an inspirational precursor to July’s main event; there’s been plenty of entertainment to be enjoyed countywide, with any number of local productions or bands taking the stage; and ... well, as stated, the gorgeous weather of the past few days hasn’t hurt any feelings here on Lackawanna Ave.

There’s something to be said about the smell of a freshly mowed lawn or the sound of a mower being fired-up for the first time, all in preparation for weeks of (we hope, at least) sunny days and starry nights. Add to that the budding trees and such and – in my opinion – you can’t ask for a better start to the best time of the year in Chenango County.

My favorite thoughts ­– my plans, such as they are – for the summer, I’ve decided to keep fairly simple: camping at Bowman Lake (and elsewhere, as my schedule allows); purchasing a fishing license (and gear) for the first time in years ... and actually fishing ... in a boat ... with a cold beverage, preferably; playing 18 holes at Canasawacta at least a dozen times, if not more; and – of course – pulling out the guitar whenever the opportunity arises (a chore that carries with it quality time spent with my best friends, much to my chagrin).

To be honest, that list hasn’t really changed much over the years. And while I’ve rarely (if ever) executed that exact plan, you can be assured I’ll do my best to remedy that this spring and summer.

A man can dream, can’t he?

Growing up in Norwich – and Chenango County – as a youth, when the winter’s drudgery seems so slow to fade, I remember wanting nothing more than to ride my bike up and down the streets of Norwich; trade baseball cards with my friends; make my way to the Colonia, or the Hayes St. Ice Cream Parlor, or Copper Kettle. Playgrounds, forests, streams and shortcuts through the city, they were ours back then. There were no cell phones; there was no Internet. And yet there was still so much to do. Years later, older (certainly) and wiser (hopefully), I find myself ridiculously excited for the weeks and months ahead ... the antique car show, Lunch in the Park, Gus Macker, the Chenango County Fair, Relay For Life, Blues Fest, the Summer Concert Series, Summer Jam, Colorscape, you name it. These are the events that make the months of snow, sleet, wind and ice worth suffering.

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And people say “there’s nothing to do” here in Chenango County.

If I seem a tad lighthearted this week, blame it on the weather.

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