New On DVD: Wreck It Ralph, Red Dawn

By: Todd Campbell

New on DVD: Wreck it Ralph, Red Dawn

We have to come home some time, Patrollers! The DVD Patrol has to come home. The Toddster managed to scramble together a Toddster’s Take with really big ramifications, but more on that later. It also appears a possible team-up is on the way too. Time to check things out.

New on DVD

Wreck It Ralph - Everyone gets a change of heart some time. Ralph has always been the bad guy in “Fix It Felix.” After the game goes off, everyone just lives their lives even if it is in a video game. Ralph wants to try something different and be a good guy. He tries taking tips from others in different games but also gets some bad advice along the way and unleashes someone very new and very bad. Is Ralph going to be able to do the good thing and do what’s finally right? We’ll be able to check ot how some monsters get it right in “Monsters University” coming soon.

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Red Dawn - No one likes to see their home threatened. Jed Eckert (Chris Hemsworth) was home on leave after being in the military and just wanted to relax. Everyone was glad to see him and they all let him know how much they enjoyed him playing football. His vacation is about to be cut short after he and the town discover helicopters flying in with soldiers taking over the country. People don’t take kindly to this and Jed puts together some of his friends to put an end to it. Will they be able to it? Hemsworth is putting the final touches on “Thor 2” coming in November.


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