Jazzy-Folk, Rockwood Ferry Comes To 6OTS Saturday

By: Jeanie Petersen

Jazzy-Folk, Rockwood Ferry comes to 6OTS Saturday

OXFORD – Saturday, March 2, at 7:30 p.m., 6 On The Square (6OTS) welcomes progressive folk-jazzy ensemble, Rockwood Ferry to their stage. This relatively new group was formed by singer-songwriter-musician, Tenzin Chopak. His poetic lyrics are expressed through an ensemble of some of the finest musicians from Ithaca, New York.

For Tenzin Chopak, the name “Rockwood Ferry” conjures up beautiful, inspirational memories of a place in Ten Mile, TN, where he spent some of this youth. Tenzin’s mother was an artist and his father, a Presbyterian minister, and they both loved and played music.

Tenzin, who developed his creative talents as a songwriter, formed the Rockwood Ferry ensemble only as recently as 2011. Chopak uses a lyric palette to paint vivid images in the colors from his East Tennessee past. This emotional connection transports his music and listeners to new passionate places. The progressive sound of the group’s sophisticated strings and jazzy-roots instrumentation can be tender, even hypnotic, or it can let loose with blazing energy.


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