The End Of Progress, The End Of An Era
Published: February 1st, 2013
By: Jeff Genung

The end of Progress, the end of an era

Today marks the 9th and 10th, the final installments in our Progress Chenango 2013 edition. The multi-section comprehensive annual look at Chenango’s economic, political and social health has been rolling out, two sections per day, all this week. In case you missed an edition, or if you’d like to have it all in one fell swoop, we’re also making Progress Chenango available in its entirety at the Pennysaver front desk starting next week for $1.50. A bit after that, we’ll make the whole thing available in PDF form on our website for free.

As I’m sure we’ve beaten you over the head with over the past month or so in columns, blogs and tweets, Progress is a massive undertaking for a newspaper with a small staff such as ours – countless hours go into interviewing businesses, taking photographs, selling and producing ads, writing, layout and printing – it’s a project which consumes literally every member of our staff (and isn’t easy on the paper carriers, either!) for the first part of every new year.

It’s a publication that, despite how we moan and groan about the extra work, we are incredibly proud to publish every year. Not only does it reflect some of our best work – more importantly it reflects the best Chenango County has to offer.


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