DVD Patrol

By: Todd Campbell

DVD Patrol

By Todd Campbell


Merry Christmas, Patrollers! The DVD Patrol has some good ones and the Toddster just wanted to tell everyone he hopes that you all have a great Holiday season to spend with those you care about. This is also the time we have to remember what is important, especially with recent events going on in our country right now. Always in movies the show must go on. More gift choices for you here as well.

New on DVD

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Total Recall (2012) - Life can be pretty interesting sometimes – if the life we’re living is our own. Enter Doug Quaid (Colin Farrell). Doug worked in a factory but he always felt there was something more for him. A friend of his suggests he go to a place that can make him feel different by giving him new memories. He goes in and nothing is the same because after he has the procedure, the police get after him and they’re being led by his wife Lori (Kate Beckinsale). Doug is found by a mysterious woman named Melina (Jessica Biel) who might have the answers he is looking for and is wanted by the leader Cohagen (Bryan Cranston). Can Quaid find out what is really going on? Catch Biel starring with Gerard Butler in “Playing for Keeps” now in theaters.

Pitch Perfect - We never what will happen to us until it falls into our laps. Becca (Anna Kendrick) was going off to college and liked to do things her own way. No one really knew that she liked to sing. Everyone is about to find out when she gets conned into helping a group of college students who you wouldn’t think that could sing. They all enter a singing contest that cam make them win but they only have a chance with Beca’s help. Is Beca going to make a difference? Another fun DVD out now in stores is “Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Dog Days” that might be able to show kids what they should do during Summer vacations.


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