Goodbye, cruel world

While I’m most assuredly not what anybody in their right mind would call a “believer” when it comes to the imminent Mayan Apocalypse of Dec. 21, 2012 (hard to believe it’s here already), I am, as a big fan of apocalyptic scenarios – zombies, aliens and the like – fairly certain the first thing I’ll do Friday morning is look to the sky for a glimpse of whatever giant meteor and/or rogue planet is hurtling through space to destroy the planet as we know it.

Hey, it could happen.

Then again, nobody seems to know the exact time of day we’ll go quietly into oblivion, sucked mercilessly into a mysterious, undiscovered black hole or obliterated by “Nibiru,” the aforementioned rogue planet that is – apparently – on a collision course with Earth. Chances are, if it happens between ... oh, let’s say midnight and 6 a.m., I’ll be blissfully unaware, snug in my bed and dreaming of a white Christmas.

Anytime after that is another story, of course, yet I’m feeling fairly confident in regards to our chances for survival. I mean, zombies and aliens are one thing, but a catastrophic encounter with another planet? Let’s be real, here, folks.

Sadly, there are far too many people out there who believe in this sort of thing, as evidenced by the absolute lunacy that took place not so long ago on May 21, 2011, when the good Mr. Camping (once again) predicted the Rapture, also known as the End of Times, Judgement Day ... you get the point; people selling all their earthly possessions and giving away their life savings (I’ll gladly take some), people taking to the streets with signs reading “The End is Here” or “Take Me With You, Jesus.”

Call it whatever you want, 12/21/12, the Rapture or Judgement Day, it really doesn’t matter. Because what I am certain of makes far more sense, in that we – as a people – are more than capable of bringing about our own demise, be it nuclear warfare, climate change or simple genocide.

What I’m getting at is this ... we don’t really need any help when it comes to The End, as Mr. Mojo Risin’ – a.k.a. Jim Morrison – called it.

It would almost be funny – if you can call life-threatening changes to our planet, thanks to our very own selfishness, greed and need for complacency and comfort funny – yet now, after decades of warnings, people are finally realizing the potential danger that these threats pose. Nuclear warfare is no joke, obviously, nor is climate change. We see the deaths of thousands on cable television and simply go on with our lives as if it’s no big deal. These are women, children and otherwise innocent people dying, their deaths simply a byproduct of our need for what? More oil? More money? More control? As for climate change, people are finally waking up, with more and more folks buying into the fact that we’ve done severe damage to our planet. And for what reason? More money? More oil? More control?

What we need is a little more common sense and maybe even some empathy for our fellow man. And yet we can’t seem to find it within ourselves, no matter the season, to make the necessary changes to our way of life that might leave a better planet behind for future generations. We simply don’t have the patience, the desire, nor the inspiration to do so.

Of course, this all may be a moot point if the Mayans were right about Dec. 21, and – if so – this will be my last column for this, Chenango County’s hometown daily, The Evening Sun. And just in case that should come to pass, I leave you with some words of wisdom, brought to us by the one and only, the late, great Mr. Jerry Garcia.

“I read somewhere that 77 percent of all the mentally ill live in poverty. Actually, I'm more intrigued by the 23 percent who are apparently doing quite well for themselves.”

I’m intrigued as well, Jerry, and I’m guessing that they’re probably holed-up at home right now with a magic marker and a blank piece of cardboard, getting ready to draw up their very own End of Times sign, as crazy as an apocalypse of any kind may sound.

Then again, it never hurts to be prepared, now does it?

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