Remembering Chenango’s Journalistic History During National Newspaper Week
Published: October 8th, 2012
By: Kevin Doonan

Remembering Chenango’s journalistic history during National Newspaper Week

NORWICH – October 7-13 is National Newspaper Week and Chenango County can take pride in a long, rich history of publications. According to an essay written by Elizabeth Curley in 1926, over 38 different papers had already been circulated in Norwich since 1804.

Curley asserts that the first paper to ever be published in Chenango was The Western Oracle in 1803 at Sherburne Four Corners. The publication was “single octavo sheet” printed on bluish paper, Curley wrote. The Oracle, like many early publications, reported little on local news and instead focused on national happenings, much to the chagrin of local historians.

Though an astonishingly high number of different publications went to press in Chenango County during the 1800s, The Evening Sun is the only one still in circulation. First published March 16, 1891 under the name The Morning Sun, the publication has been able to evolve over the past 121 years to meet the changing needs of Chenango County. In 1941, on the 50th anniversary of The Sun’s conception A.E. Halbert, who was present in 1891, sent a later to the editor describing The Sun’s foundation.


The Evening Sun

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