Letter to the Editor: Obama’s Bill of Wrongs


Well, I’ve finally figured out what it is that President Obama has accomplished.

He’s invented a replacement for THE BILL OF RIGHTS. It’s THE BILL OF WRONGS.

1.) The right to have political freedom- and vote for whomever you wish has been cut out from under us. Obama and his cronies have been campaigning for the past three weeks by telling the most malicious group of lies that I’ve had the opportunity to see in politics (and I first voted in 1952- for Dwight D, Eisenhower.) I watch CNBC and some of the other channels and I cringe when I see them play his speeches- in which he ignores facts, insults all who don’t believe in him, and promises to do more of the same in the next 4 years.

2.) The right to have religious freedom- the government, under Obama, has arrested people who were holding prayer meetings in their homes. That is unconstitutional-but apparently no one cares.

We do have a right to freedom from unreasonable search and seizure. Paid your taxes recently? They may not be searching your home – but they’re seizing a larger and larger part of your wallet. Not only are Obama and his Democrats seizing more and more of your money – but he’s also seizing the jobs of more than 9% of the country by making it impossible for a company to hire and make a profit. In his recent speech he chastised businessmen- saying, “You may think that you’ve achieved success because of your own efforts- but you have not. You’ve made it only because the government has been willing to help you.” Ignore the quotation marks. That was the gist of his argument, but not necessarily word for word. The basic fact, however, is that he thinks the government should run all business and control all aspects of life.

3.) To digress for a minute. In case you’re thinking “Well, he can’t be too bad – after all he was elected by the people of the United States in a free election.” Adolf Hitler became Chancellor of Germany in a free election, Benito Mussolini became Fascist Dictator of Italy in free elections. Even the Communists in Russia originally were the majority of the revolutionaries – and worked with the Mensheviks (democratic people trying to free the country from the Czar) until it was time for them to eradicate all opposition and take over.

4.) What was it that Obama said (not knowing that the microphone was still on) to the Russian Ambassador. Oh yeah-he said “Tell The Premier to be patient – I’ll have a lot more latitude after this next election.”

5.) And who spent several trillion dollars that we don’t have – and had to borrow most of it from Communist China – who could now, if they wished, legally step in and take over a good part of the country based on what we owe them? Oh, yeah, that was Obama. Hey Young Voters, you went for Obama last time – do it this time and guess what? All of that several trillion dollars will come out of your paycheck and that of your children. Thanks for giving it to us.

6.) To give the devil his due, Obama certainly has learned one lesson that was originally propagated by one of our earlier presidents. He said, “No one ever suffered a loss by underestimating the intelligence of the American voter.” Amen to that.

7.) We should also remember, if a dog has puppies, they will not grow up to be cows, or horses, or cats. They are dogs and will remain dogs. Similarly politicians remain politicians- what they do is not predicated on what’s good for you the voter, but rather upon what will get them re-elected?

8.) Obama is a product of the most dishonest political machine of the 20th Century, the Chicago Daley Machine. He has never held a job in a private company. He went from college to politics and has been there ever since.

9.) He is unable to understand the American way of doing things. If your are hoping to make some money, you have to gamble, work hard, invest your money and hope for the best.

10.) Obama says that government must help out. I say never, not one time in history, has government helped out private enterprise. The are interested only in helping themselves.

11.) Perhaps you did not know this, but with rare exceptions, once a government agency is created (for whatever ostensible purpose) it never goes out of business. What’s more, it never gets smaller or cuts it’s budget. The purpose of the people running it (whatever they may publicly say) is always to increase the number of employees, and the pay per person – because only by doing so do the get more pay and more power.

12.) Government has a great deal of similarity with cancer. It begins too small to worry about, gets bigger and bigger, and feeds on the host and eventually causes death. This November will be the most important election in the last 100 years, It will decide whether we have managed to excise the cancer of big government or whether we are on our death bed as a Representative Democracy.

Remember, also, if you decide to stay home and don’t vote for Romney- you’re casting a vote for Obama.

13.) One more thing. The government issues monthly statements telling you how low or high inflation has been in the past 30 days. They tell us this month that in the past year inflation has been under 3 percent. Have they been to the grocery store lately? Based on a non-professional look at last year’s newspapers versus this week’s papers- the actual inflation for food has exceeded 30%. Well, what do you know about that – is it possible that the government lied to us to cover up its sins? You know that inflation is always caused by spending more than you earn, and guess who’s been doing that. They’ve also been raising taxes, which the manufacturers always pass on to the consumer. So there’s another Home Run for the Great Oz, sorry, the Great Obama.

Let’s hope that the statement about the lack of intelligence of the American Voter is not true.

Dick Gillespie


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