Greene’s Labor Day Picnic Recovers From Last Year’s Washout
Published: August 31st, 2012
By: Kevin Doonan

Greene’s Labor Day picnic recovers from last year’s washout

GREENE – One of the oldest festivals in the county will be returning this year: the Greene Labor Day picnic celebrates its 93rd anniversary Monday.

Last year, the picnic was hit hard by the massive flooding that swept through the region. Machinery and amusement rides were washed away, tents were flooded, and the Coca-Cola company even lost an entire truck. The record-setting flood of 2011 left many New Yorkers homeless, including people in the village who were forced to find shelter elsewhere.

But the Greene community persevered, rising above the challenge that the flood presented. Walking among the already erect tents earlier this week, it would be impossible to perceive what transpired a year ago without forewarning. After the flood, the people displayed their solidarity, uniting to “get everything cleaned and ready to go,” said Byron Miller, president of Greene Labor Day Picnic Association. “The community pulled together and got the job done,” he said.

This year is going to be bigger than ever because everyone wants to celebrate making it through a trying year, said Greene Mayor Marcia E. Miller, who, along with her family, has managed a novelty tent at the picnic for the past 56 years.


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