Fiddler Association Bands Together To Save Beloved Dance Hall
Published: August 23rd, 2012
By: Kevin Doonan

Fiddler association bands  together to save beloved dance hall

McDONOUGH – The Del-Se-Nango Olde-Tyme Fiddlers Association’s dance hall has been a place for community members to come together every weekend for many years. This past year, the much-adored McDonough treasure was forced by misfortune to close its doors due to damages to both its roof and furnace. To save their beloved dance hall and raise the necessary funds, the Del-Se-Nango Fiddlers will be throwing a benefit from noon to six on Sunday at the McDonough Fire Station.

The dance hall has been “sadly missed,” said benefit organizer Geraldine Moore. Attending the dances in McDonough has always been “a nice fun thing for a Saturday night,” she said.


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