Misspoke, misremembered ... how about mistake?

I would imagine most everyone has heard the phrase “putting one’s foot in one’s mouth” at least a time or two in their life, or at least would hope so (unless you’re living under a rock), and – as is typical – politicians the world over have their own vocabulary when it comes to that unfortunate occurrence (particularly in America).

Which makes sense, I suppose, considering politicians on both sides of the fence have a tendency to tickle their tonsils with their toes far too often these days.

Case in point ... Representative Todd Akin of Missouri’s recent comments that it’s entirely possible for a woman’s body to prevent pregnancy in the occurrence of a “legitimate rape.”

You can’t make this stuff up. And yes, if you’re wondering, I absolutely love it when any politician gives me fodder like this to work with ... life is good.

Akin, of course, has gone back on record, stating he “misspoke” at the time, a typical politician’s answer if there ever was one. And one that brings to mind George W. Bush’s infamous “they misunderestimated me.”

Of course, tha’st from the man who asked Brazilian President Fernando Cardoso, “Do you have blacks, too?”

Misspoke, misremembered, misunderestimated, misinterpreted, misleading, Miss Piggy ...

How about this ... mistake. Because that’s what Americans all across the country have made by allowing the über-rich, entitled, so-called elite in the running of our so-called democracy.

One ... big ... mistake.

From Sarah Palin to Michele Bachmann to the Governator himself, Conan the ... err ... Arnold Schwarzenegger, it seems we’re surrounded by ignorant morons who are more concerned with following an agreed-upon political agenda than actually doing something – anything, for that matter – that will result in a better country, a better way of living or – for far too many – a living at all.

And no, I’m not bashing any particular party today, this goes for all politicians. And I’m not hopping on my tea party soapbox, either, they “Don’t Believe the Liberal Media,” therefore I’m not allowed in the club.

Because yes, I’ve got an “in” with the media ... and I’m a liberal ... no soup for you.

Regardless, Akin’s comments (not to mention the literal textbook of idiotic statements Palin and Bachmann have made over the years ... not to mention Bush) were beyond despicable. And I must admit, I find it extremely disturbing that his GOP brethren are now ready to throw him under the bus, all the while pushing their anti-abortion, theocratic, business as usual, trickle down, rhetorical nonsense.

Because that’s exactly what it is. Sorry if that’s a little harsh for you right-wingers out there, but as “Jack” Swigert said, “Houston, we’ve had a problem.”

You’ll notice I quoted Swigert correctly – if you care to double check – and I did so purposefully. Because we have had a problem ... for quite awhile now.

The worst part, if you ask me, is that this divisiveness; this need for the spotlight; this utter lack of compassion and humanity really does “trickle down,” more so than the money, that’s for sure. Partisan bickering is tearing this country – and this community we all claim to love – apart at the seams. Sad, really, when you think about it. Because it’s gotten to the point where those people addicted to the 24-hour cable network news assault – and I don’t care which network you’re watching – are willing to point the finger and lay blame wherever they feel, and damn any sort of evidence that would prove their point. Evidence, proof – whatever you’d like to call it – doesn’t seem to be all that important anymore. The agenda, however, must be adhered to.

What is it that’s really bothering me, you ask? The fact that there are people out there willing to – anonymously, of course – sit back and call this newspaper (and myself) biased. We are not. And that’s a fact. As an opinion writer, sure, I let my colors fly. As a reporter ... never. Because a good paper (and this is a great one ... one I’m proud to write for) doesn’t lean right or left. A good reporter doesn’t allow his personal feelings to taint a story.

And an intelligent, well informed reader knows this.

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