DVD Patrol

By: Todd Campbell

DVD Patrol

Anyone hungry, Patrollers?! The DVD Patrol has an all new picnic of goodies with this summer outing and a DVD that everyone has been waiting for has arrived. The Toddster is more curious than anything with this weeks’ big choice. We even have a new Toddster’s Take included with this one and a summer classic is here that makes you think twice before going swimming.

New on DVD

The Hunger Games - What someone won’t do for family! This one is based on the best selling book. Set in a society where everyone knows their place, Catniss Everdeen (Jennifer Lawrence) knew her life might be short every year especially where the Hunger Games were concerned. There are people who are selected to participate in a series of games that determine a certain place of living and making sure that people survive. The next phase of picking who goes into the next games comes around and Catniss’s sister is selected. Catniss offers herself in her place and now she will be pitted against others who will fight for survival. Catniss is also going against friends who mean a lot to her. Can she fight for herself and what line will she have to cross even if it means killing her friends? Lawrence starts filming the sequel in January and is set for sometime in 2013 to be in theaters.

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