More Gun Restrictions On The Way?
Published: August 16th, 2012
By: George Franke

More gun restrictions on the way?

Gun restrictions come to the forefront each time there is a tragedy, such as the Aurora, Colo. incident. However, there is plenty of legislation looming in the background year-round, that tries to beat up on the law-abiding gun owner. The granddaddy of all these bad restrictions has been the UN Small Arms Treaty. While one would think of "small arms" as rifles and handguns, this treaty was written to include everything from tanks on down, and was so far reaching that it included firearms technology, not just the guns themselves. The treaty was in theory, a registration scheme of ALL guns, worldwide. While you might think this a good idea, it included all personally owned firearms, not just military issued weapons.

One thing that this would allow would be all U.S. citizen gun information to be shared with every country, regardless of if they signed the treaty or not. Not a good idea in my eyes. The second major bugaboo with the treaty is that it would give other countries control to usurp our Second Amendment rights guaranteed by our Constitution. I personally don't want China or Syria or Pakistan to be changing the freedoms that we have fought for for over 236 years, do you?


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