DVD Patrol

By: Todd Campbell

DVD Patrol

It’s time again, Patrollers! The DVD Patrol has been busy the last few weeks putting some special columns together and the Toddster hopes you’ve enjoyed them. Back to business time with some new DVDs and a Toddster’s Take. We even some news about a certain team with Iron Man, but more on that later.

New on DVD

The Lorax - Impressing a girl has never been an easy thing. Ted (Zac Efron) has always wanted to find that special something to impress Audrey (Taylor Swift). She’s never been an easy mark but Ted wanted to give a shot. They live in a world that doesn’t have a lot of trees left in it but Audrey tells Ted that she has always wanted to see a real one. Not sure how to go about this, Ted stumbles upon one of the last forests. He also gets the attention of the protector, the Lorax (Danny Devito), and he wants to show Ted that you can just take a tree down without paying for it in some way. He decides it’s time to show the World that taking what’s his isn’t a good thing. Can he teach Ted and the World what’s important? There is also a special Lorax DVD with three mini movies in it with a lot of action featuring the Lorax and some special friends also in stores.

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New on Blu Ray

A Perfect Murder - You never know what you got until there’s a chance you could lose it all. Steven Taylor (Michael Douglas) has everything a man could want: a great job and a beautiful wife. Now there is a chance he could lose it all. Playing the stock market is always tricky and he might lose his money. Steven also finds out that his wife Emily (Gwyneth Paltrow) is seeing a friend named David (Viggo Mortenson). Steven sees a way out of his problems and starts to plot his wife’s death. The best way to do that is to use David to kill her because he has a criminal past that Emily is unaware of. David knows that Emily is also very rich and Steven thinks that’s the only reason he’s been hanging around. He goes to his weekly poker game and thinks David will be coming in to take care of her. Steven later arrives home to find his wife still alive and the man he hired to kill her is someone else. What will Steven do next? A few other movies of with Douglas from the patrol vaults include “The Game,” “Romancing the Stone,” and “Wall Street” available on DVD in stores now.


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