Schools Of The Past: Lincklaen: Lane District #6 And Lincklaen Center #12 (8)

By: Patricia F. Scott

Once again this writer must rely on the writings of Marion Poole as research has not revealed a great deal of scholastic history regarding the district schools in the above township.

It is regrettable that so little school history has survived the ravages of time and with the Lane District #6 (we have no photo of this school) all that can be written is this district school was located on the west side of the Pitcher-Lincklaen road below what is known as the Factory Gulf Road. Two years in the 1920’s it was closed because there were so few to attend. At that time they came to District #1 (Pond District) and made over 40 pupils. When this information was forwarded to this writer by former historian Joy Barber, the building is still standing on the old Cline Oliver farm and being used as a garage (2008)



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