Feels A Lot Like Home ...
Published: April 27th, 2012
By: Jeff Genung

Feels a lot like home ...

There’s something comforting about small town familiarity. That relaxed, slow-paced way of life, the way everyone knows everyone’s name (and their business), the way people come together in unexpected ways.

There’s a dreamy, mystical quality to “Almost, Maine,” the play being staged by the Sherburne-Earlville drama club this weekend, that enraptures the viewer, transporting them to a place and time that’s strikingly similar to our small-town ways right here in good ol’ Chenango County.

Written by John Cariani, “Almost, Maine” is a series of vignettes – funny, dramatic, poignant and sometimes silly – that all take place at the same time in the same place: A blustery cold winter’s night in the “town” of Almost. Not quite an official town, as one character notes, because no one ever got organized enough to ... organize it. There’s a meandering quality about the series of scenes strung together in the play that suggests the way the residents of the remote Almost come together and affect each other’s lives.

“Something for everyone” is a tired cliche in these reviews, but it nonetheless applies to this show. Directed by Colleen Law-Tefft, the latest S-E drama club offering stays true to the colloquial tone of its setting throughout, but there are scenes and characters that will have appeal to any matter of theater-goer. There are laughs, tears and moments both thought-provoking and head-scratching.


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