For Artists Interested In Going Beyond The Ordinary, Golden Introduces Provocative Yellows

For artists interested in going beyond the ordinary, Golden introduces Provocative Yellows

COLUMBUS – Golden Artist Colors certainly recognizes the importance of Yellow Ochre on your palette; it has been a staple for years. But wouldn’t it be fun to stretch a little and experience some colors that might just draw some attention and stir the spirit? It is with you in mind, that Golden introduces a new 22 ml limited edition set of “Provocative Yellows,” featuring three yellows from the Heavy Body line, each with unique qualities.

Available for the spring season, at an MSRP of $9.99, a price that will ease you into new color territory, this set of three extraordinary yellows is sure to pique your curiosity, especially if you’re looking to differentiate yourself with something a little unexpected. Colors included in the set are:

Aureolin Hue – Also known as Cobalt Yellow, Aureolin replaced an earlier pigment called Gamboge, an Asian yellow gum used until the 19th century. Aureolin was often used by the early Flemish painters. A bright mixer without being too acidy, Golden Aureolin Hue allows artists to add vibrant, earthy warmth without dulling.


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