Think ... then speak ... and repeat

What can I say? I知 one lucky guy, considering 90 percent of the time I知 right half the time. Or ... wait a minute, maybe I have that wrong. Maybe it痴 ... 50 percent of the time, I知 right all the time. All the time I知 right half the time?

I知 confused. Then again, aren稚 we all these days?

Which is, of course, the problem with partisan politics (not to change the subject or anything). Neither side is 途ight nor 努rong.

In fact, I壇 be willing to state that in my humble opinion both Democrats and Republicans have dropped the ball in recent years.

Wow, look at that. I somehow managed to sneak the words humble, opinion not to mention Democrat and Republican all into the same sentence.

Who would have thought such a thing was possible?

And yes, I知 being more than a little facetious. Considering the current political atmosphere, however, what with the constant media bombardment we致e been forced to endure since Mitt and Rick became the all-out front runners for the Republican presidential ticket not to mention the daily reports out of the Obama camp can you really blame me?

Me? I remember the whole routine from my days at Perry Browne Elementary ... when I was in kindergarten.

滴e did it!

哲o, he did it!

的知 going to tell my mom!

哲ot if I tell my mom first!

添ou池e wrong!

哲o, you池e wrong!

And then, obviously, things degenerate to the Pee-wee Herman level.

的 know you are, but what am I?

Saddening, isn稚 it? And yes, that is the correct spelling for Pee-wee ... I Googled it.

The problem or at least one way of looking at it lies with a person痴 ability to think and speak rationally ... intelligently ... and in that order (you know, think before you speak). Individuals, as a general rule, are intelligent (or have the capability for intelligence, I suppose I should say). People, as in groups of individuals ... not so much.

The larger the group, the greater the chance for chaotic, irrational or downright idiotic behavior.

For example ...

Take your everyday, average American. As an individual, when angered, snubbed or accused, they値l typically walk away, although violence, unfortunately, is quickly becoming the norm (look at the mess that is Trayvon Martin). Now take a group of like-minded individuals and put them in the same potentially volatile situation. Before you know it, you値l have a riot on your hands.

This same formula, when applied to politics which has become a perverted game of sorts for those in power holds true. I致e met and/or spoken with any number of politicians during my time as an Evening Sun reporter and 99 percent of the time these experiences have been nothing but good. They池e all extremely well-spoken, seem quite intelligent and (the vast majority of the time) seem to have America痴 (and Americans) best interests in mind.

Now take those same individuals, put them in a group of like-minded folks and ... hopefully you get my drift.

Personally, I could care less at this point who leads our country, as long as the bickering and backstabbing (not to mention complete and utter ignorance) were to stop. And it痴 too bad most people continue to refuse to take some time and ask an intelligent question or two once in awhile.

Don稚 like the idea of mandated health care? Well, at least have a valid argument against it. Because I certainly haven稚 heard those same people who so violently oppose it at least here in New York State complain one bit about mandated car insurance, which we have. Or taxes, for that matter. We all pay them in some way, shape or form. Or how about speed limits? Aren稚 we all required to follow the law? And punished if we don稚?

Maybe it痴 all just a big conspiracy ... I blame it on all the damn socialists.

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