Please ... let it end

Date: Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Time: 3 p.m. EST

Place: The Evening Sun newsroom

Scoop: Like thousands of other journalists across the country, intrepid Evening Sun Staff Writer Brian Golden awaits with great anticipation (and bated breath) the soon-to-be-had results of Super Tuesday and the forthcoming GOP frontrunner, who will do everything in his power to convince the American people that Łber-capitalism is the way to go in the face of the socialist agenda current President Obama has unfailingly relied upon as he looks to complete his mission to destroy the United States as we know it.

Wow ... I donít know about you, but I think I mightíve missed my calling. In fact, I wouldnít be surprised if Rush Limbaugh, Glenn Beck or some other right-wing pundit reads this and hires me on the spot.

Then again, my penchant for sarcasm (not to mention honest-to-goodness reporting) might be a little much for the likes of your typical conservative mouthpiece.

Do I sound bitter? Angry? A tad peeved? Thatís because I am ... all three.

Very soon now, we Ė the American people Ė should have a reasonably clear idea which of the three political idealists weíve been force-fed for the past three-plus months will be facing off against Obama come November. And while Iím looking forward to the endless debates (not really), the childish name-calling (not really) and the veritable avalanche of politically slanted advertisements that are sure to follow, well, I must admit Iím not impressed.

Fast forward sixteen hours or so and ... it looks like thousands of journalists across the country, including myself, will just have to wait.

Oh, darn.

Unfortunately for all of us, it seems the decision on who exactly is going to run against our current commander in chief is still in limbo and Ė for the time being Ė the confusing mess that is the GOP circus will continue. Personally, I was really looking forward to that first presidential debate between what one Ď30 Secondsí caller called one of the Three Stooges and President Obama.

Not to mention whoever gets the nod as the GOPís vice-presidential candidate. Hereís hoping itís Palin, Bachmann or ... letís see ... how about Cheney? That would practically guarantee Obama another four years in the White House.

Regardless, the presidency Ė whether youíre a Democrat, Republican, Independent, conservative Democrat, independent Republican, you know the drill Ė has become (sadly) something of a joke with the advent of modern technology. Itís all cameras and make-up, American flag pin placed just-so above the heart on a suit that probably costs more to tailor than your typical Americanís mortgage payment (if they have a home at all, that is).

Thereís very little in the way of real substance, in other words, meaning no disrespect. Speeches are a series of fabricated half-truths and innuendos (again, no matter the party), public appearances are less about the public and more about their PR value and Ė letís be honest Ė 99 percent of these politicians (you know, the other 99 percent) could care less if weíre putting food on the table (healthy food, no less), our kids are overweight, education continues to suffer, the house is falling apart or my retirement fund is in danger.

Retirement fund ... now thatís funny ... really funny.

The truth be told, Iím not sure theyíre programmed that way, and it makes the upcoming November election seem less and less important, if you ask me. Why? Because itís hard to care either way, these days.

Am I an Obama supporter? Why, yes, I am. Will I vote for Obama once again come fall? Most likely, yes, I will. Do I fear for our country if Mitt, Newt or Rick take office in Washington, D.C.? Yes, yes I do.

However, do I really care at this point?

Itís sad to say, but, some days ... no, no I donít.

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