DVD Patrol

By: Todd Campbell

DVD Patrol

Let’s hit the slopes, Patrollers! The DVD Patrol is here hitting the slopes with a little snow and a lot of cold. The Toddster has found some movies for you when it’s time to get warmed up with a nice warm room and a movie or two to pass the time. Here we are!

New on DVD

Abduction - Action Spotlight is back with an all new action star and one the ladies love. Most of the time a person’s life is pretty clear. For Nate Harper (Taylor Lautner), his life is about to change forever. One day Nate goes on the computer and comes on a website for missing kids. Nothing can prepare him for what comes next. His parents are killed and he finds out that they’re not his real parents. It turns out Nate’s parents were really agents assigned to keep him safe. Now the FBI is after him and he has no idea why. Nate’s not sure what they want from him. He goes on the run and he has to find the answers that no one wants him to know. Will Nate find out who he really is and why the U.S. Government want him so bad? Lautner can be seen in “Twilight: Breaking Dawn- Part 2” set for release in July.

Story Continues Below Adverts

The Ides of March - Poltics is always a tricky business. It’s always tough for individuals to campaign for positions of power and George Clooney stars and directs himself in this political thriller. Ryan Gosling plays Stephen Meyers. Stephen is a press secretary working for Governor Mike Morris (Clooney) who’s running for President. Other people try to entice Stephen to come over to their campaign but Stephen wants to stick with Morris. Some time later, some information comes up that no one wants to come out and Stephen is caught in the middle. What will he do – expose Morris or keep what he knows to himself? Clooney is pretty busy now and can be seen in “The Descendants” in theaters now.


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