Deer Know When It's Time To Skedaddle
Published: December 6th, 2011
By: Jim Mullen

Deer know when it's time to skedaddle

Deer-hunting season has started. I know, because of the complete and total absence of deer. The herd of seven that have been snacking on my saplings, my garden and my lawn every morning and evening for the last 11 months have disappeared to who knows where.

For every tree and bush I cage, there are three that go missing. I don’t care what people say – there is nothing that deer won’t eat.

“Rhododendrons! The leaves are poisonous, and the deer won’t touch them.” They touched mine right down to the ground. It also seemed to increase their fertility.

“Human hair. Ask your barber for all the hair he clips and hang it in nylon bags around your property.” The deer ate the hair and the bags.

“Kitty litter. Spread it around your garden.” I think it attracts them. My herd grew by three.

For 11 months, I yell at deer from my back porch. No more than 30 feet away, they ignore me. “Oh, it’s him again. Just keep eating,” they tell one another.


The Evening Sun

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