Schools Of The Past: Guilford District #13, Ives Settlement School
Published: December 1st, 2011
By: Patricia F. Scott

Schools of the Past: Guilford District #13, Ives Settlement School

Two weeks ago the article written was the “Trestle School” which still stands, very much different that the photo that accompanied the article, located on County Road 35 from Guilford to Sidney. After a brief vacation (Thanksgiving holiday) we again return to the same area of the Township of Guilford and travel a short distance down County Road 35 less than a mile to the “Ives Settlement Road.” Making a right hand turn on this road travel approximately two-three miles and you will come to a settlement of farms. This is Ives Settlement! The photo that accompanies this article shows what was then the remains of the Ives Settlement schoolhouse when the photo was taken. This writer apologizes for the quality, but it a copy from a copy, which is not the best situation to deal with. If my information is correct, and I will stand corrected I am sure if I am incorrect, the former site of this school was just east of the Ives Family Cemetery.

As everyone who has attended school, whether is a one-room, two-room, elementary, village or large city school the following poem is true to all students who spent twelve years in the educational bastions for “read’n, write’n, arithmetic, and on to the higher education.

“The school is such a lovely place

And we wish it no hard luck

But just for fun. and a very small sum

We’d cart it away in a truck.”

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