Guernsey Wonders What To Do With Large Bequest

By: Shawn Magrath

Guernsey wonders what to do with large bequest

NORWICH – Guernsey Memorial Library has a great deal of thought and consideration ahead as it debates suggestions for an appropriate way of spending a large donation left to the library earlier this year.

In her passing, Mrs. Wilhelmina Henley of Guilford, in accordance with her husband Raymond Henley, left Guernsey $600,000. With no specific purpose earmarked for the donation, the library board is taking community suggestions into serious consideration as they determine a suitable use for the money.

“This was just a generous donation. It wasn’t anything we expected,” said Library Director Sarah Wiggins. She said that though Guernsey had no knowledge of Mrs. Henley’s intentions of leaving that sum of money at the library’s disposal, she is very appreciative of Henley’s benevolence.

After working closely with lawyers, “the money has been deposited and the library has the money now,” she added.


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