DVD Patrol

By: Todd Campbell

DVD Patrol

Things are Falling around here, Patrollers! That is the DVD Patrol is heating up the fall a bit with an all new week of things here for you. The Toddster has been pretty busy catching things for the Fall season but is keeping on top with a couple of summer movies and some TV picks from last season. Let’s go in!

New on DVD

Fast Five - One of our favorite subjects to write about- Sequels. Dominick Torretto (Vin Diesel) and Brian O’Connor (Paul Walker) have a real strained relationship for a long time but after the events of the last movie, now they’re teaming up one more time to get out of the business. To do this, they have to assemble a crew that can not only drive but they can also trust too. You might recognize a few of them since they have been in some of the other sequels. To add even more to their plate, they have been targeted by the Government and Federal Marshals led by one of the best (Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson) is on their trail. The guys have targeted one of the biggest drug dealers in South America to rob. Will they pull off the job or can the Police stop them first? My sources tell me that another sequel with Walker and Diesel is in the works. Stay Tuned!

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Scream 4 - Wes Craven is back for the one of the biggest horror franchises in movie history and has assembled the original cast and fresh faces to start things up again. Sydney Prescott (Neve Campbell) has been through a lot and has written a book to tell how she has been able to put her life back together. Now someone has targeted her one more time to try and tear it apart using the guise of her old enemy the Ghostface killer. Her cousin Jill (Emma Roberts) has become the new target and Sydney goes for help to old friends Dewey (David Arquette) and Gail (Courteney Cox). Is Sydney going to be able to get to the bottom of the mystery surrounding her old enemy coming back? Rumors are rampant that a “Scream 5” is being developed. We’ll see what happens.


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