Senate Puts Microstamping Bill To Bed Permanently

By: Bob McNitt

Senate puts microstamping bill to bed permanently

At last we’re seeing some improvement in what has been one of craziest spring seasons in decades. As stream and river levels gradually keep dropping, despite the occasional splash-and-dash thunderstorm, fishing will continue to improve. Same goes for the cooler air temperatures, which will make camping, hiking and gardening a lot more pleasant. Of course what would be our normal calendar weather patterns seemed to have moved back almost a full month with that stretch of obviously midsummer-type we “enjoyed” a few weeks ago. Let’s hope now that we actually get a normal summer and not a wet, cool one like two years ago.

In recent columns I may have been a bit critical of our leaders in Albany, including those true power mongers from the big downstate districts, but judging from comments I’ve received from readers, the vast majority agree that their “upstate lives” could improve greatly without downstate politicians pushing bills through that make little sense in the vast majority of upstate counties.

Update on COBIS Bill

This from state Sen. Jim Seward: “State senate voted last night (June 13) to REPEAL and discard the state's ill-conceived and worthless ballistic imaging program (COBIS).


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