Is Steve Jobs Clouding My Privacy?
Published: June 14th, 2011
By: Jim Mullen

Is Steve Jobs clouding my privacy?

Last week, Steve Jobs, the ailing CEO of Apple, announced a major move to cloud computing. I’m in that cloud right now, typing this on Google Docs. It’s a word processor that is on Google’s computers, not mine. I can stop typing right now, go to my sister’s house, get on her computer and keep typing exactly where I left off. No need to schlep a laptop, a CD, a thumb drive along. I don’t even have to save it; it’s done automatically every few seconds. And why buy a word processing program when I can use Google’s for free? You don’t need to drag your computer memories around with you any longer any more than you have to take your own electricity with you when you travel. It’ll be there when you get where you’re going.


The Evening Sun

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