Your own lyin’ eyes

The scandal over Congressman Weiner’s perversions stirs up lots of questions. Especially for people who feel he should not have to resign.

Would you be comfy if he was your boss? Okay with you if he heads up one of our big companies? I mean, his private antics would not affect the company, would they?

If he was your dentist or doctor would you still go to him? How about if he was your minister, or priest? If his name was Weinerini and he was the Pope, should Catholics have a problem with his behavior? Hey, what he does in private … What goes on in the Vatican stays in the Vatican.

So, would you mind if he taught math in your local school? As long as he doesn’t send snapshots and racy messages to students, what the heck?

Lots of people would not want him in any of these positions. Yet they feel it is okay for him to sit in our congress? It is all right for him to vote on issues that affect our welfare, our money, our homes, our children, our national security?

Why should he be held to a higher standard? One reason is that he could have been blackmailed. Maybe he has been. “Vote for this, Mr. Weiner or some pictures and emails will come out.”  Or reveal this military information to us, or else.

Which is one of the reasons his mentor, Bill Clinton, should have been kicked out of the White House. He endangered all of us with his reckless behavior. He made himself utterly vulnerable to blackmail. And he may well have been blackmailed.

Imagine what damage this country could suffer if the right blackmailers got to our President. Now, you may say Bill Clinton would never have allowed anything to harm the U.S. just to protect his little secret.

No? To protect his little secret he only lied to a grand jury. He bold-faced lied to the people of this country, people around the globe. He allowed women’s reputations to be slimed. He allowed a woman to be threatened when she revealed he had raped her.

He should have been held to a higher standard not just for idealism: Our leaders should be more pure. But for the practical reason that he could damage us in his frantic attempts to avoid disclosure.

If you don’t approve of rape, men in authority inveigling young women, lying, deceiving, smearing reputations, you might argue that Clinton is a piece of crud. Yet people lionize him. Would you let him date your teenage daughter? Some would be flattered. They would lend him their car, back seat and all.

Mr. Weiner has consulted with Mr. Clinton over his problems. When the pupil is ready, the teacher appears. The master, for situations like this.

Imagine the advice Clinton might offer: “Keep lying about it until you’re forced to tell the truth. If you’re found out, cling to your office. You are entitled, no matter what you have done. Remember that you are the anointed, just like my pal Spitzer. Start going to some prayer services. Let the media in to tape your strolls with your favorite Rabbi.  I made sure I was seen with Reverend Jackson. Wherever I went, I carried a Bible for a month or so. You Jews must have something similar?

“Hang in there, Anthony.” That is what Clinton probably advised. “I did lots worse things than you. For a lotta years.  My guiding philosophy was simple: Are you gonna believe me – or believe your own lyin’ eyes?  Did it work? Just look at me today. People adore me. And, Anthony, lemme tell ya about some of the women that flock around me these days …”       

From Tom ... as in Morgan.                  

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