Not The ‘end Of The World,’ Just A Miserable Stretch Of Weather Phenomena

By: Bob McNitt

Not the ‘end of the world,’ just a miserable stretch of weather phenomena

With the spring turkey season due to close next Tuesday, May 31, I suspect that many of those with unfilled tags will stay in bed that morning rather than face a another soggy day trying to bag a bird that has avoided them for weeks that normally involved hunting in the rain every day. Tends to wear even the most avid hunters down.

Anglers haven’t had it much better. With our main rivers high and roiled, fishing – actually catching?the most popular gamefish, such as walleye and pike, was reduced to mainly washing your fish lines and hoping for a strike. Ponds and lakes have been high and cooler than normal all month. Again, making for poor fishing success. Trout streams have been a bit better, but many sustained food damages earlier and have seen their characteristics change drastically. I realized just how the spring weather has affected fishing when a friend up along the St. Lawrence River said most anglers were disappointed with the quality of early bullhead fishing this year?normally an annual tradition that yields large catches of these tasty pouts, aas attested to by all the signs along the area’s diners and restaurants that announce “fresh bullheads served here.”


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