Mother Nature Extends Her Peace Offering – Nice Weather

By: Bob McNitt

Mother Nature extends her peace offering – nice weather

Much to everyone’s relief and delight, Mother Nature finally decided to reward our recent foul weather suffering with some truly gorgeous springtime weather conditions. About the only complaints might be from allergy sufferers faced with high levels of various spoors and molds brought on by an extremely wet April.

Trout streams are gradually returning to fishable levels, but it may be a couple more weeks before the tributaries to the Susquehanna are low and clear enough to fish effectively. That’s assuming we get more normal rainfall and temperatures in the coming weeks.

Turkey hunting seems to be steadily improving after a very rough start.

Hunt’s Pond unit has now gone full circle

I recall my initial trip to Hunt’s Pond. I don’t remember the year, but I was in elementary school. My dad rented a rowboat from Mr. Hunt, the owner at that time, and we spent the afternoon catching mostly bullheads and pickerel. The fact it was a large privately owned pond fascinated me since most waters that size weren’t privately owned.


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