Truth, Justice And (at Times) The American Way

By: Brian Golden

Truth, justice and (at times) the American way

It’s a well-known fact (or it should be) that some people will complain simply for the sake of complaining – they’ll moan, carry-on, whimper and whine even when they know nobody is listening. Nothing I say here is going to change that, I realize, but I’d still like to take a moment to share my thoughts.

Then again, I’m probably going to be accused of hypocrisy just by writing this, considering I’m sitting here griping myself, aren’t I?

There’s a big difference though, at least in my mind. It’s not that I think I’m better than your typical naysayer, considering we all have a tendency to sound-off on whatever happens to be bothering us throughout the course of the day, week, month or year every once in a while. Sometimes, however, the never-ending lack of civility and intelligent discussion really gets me riled-up.

I’ve spent a significant amount of time during my tenure as an Evening Sun reporter defending our current president, not because I look at him as some kind of savior, the next coming or anything like that (had to make sure I covered my back on that one). I just have a hard time dealing with the continued ignorance and racism I was sure would accompany his first term as commander-in-chief (definitely one of those instances I wish I’d been wrong).

It’s not that I agree 100 percent with every decision Obama has made while in office – something that would be impossible for any president, no matter his or her party, political beliefs, religion, race, favorite breakfast food, football team or late night sitcom – I simply think he’s a good, honest, caring American father and husband. He’s also a natural leader who’s well-spoken, intelligent and – in my opinion – sincere in his efforts to turn this country around (now I’ve gone and said it, let the backlash begin).

And now that he and his team have managed to decapitate al-Qaida, what with the successful (and completely justified) killing of Osama bin Laden, let’s just say the man has earned some long-deserved praise and maybe a little respect, no matter what one’s personal opinion might be.

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I’m not going to hold my breath, however, as I’m fairly certain that will never happen. You know what I mean – the Obama-haters out there actually biting the bullet and giving the man some props for a job well done. Never happen.


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