You Must Remember This ...
Published: May 10th, 2011
By: Jim Mullen

You must remember this ...

I have a terrible memory – I can’t remember names, can’t recall dates, can’t recollect what I’m supposed to pick up at the supermarket, can’t bring to mind where I parked the car, can’t remember that I can’t remember. It’s not a new thing – it’s been going on like this, well, as long as I can remember. And I’m not alone: my friends complain about their poor memories, too. Who hasn’t forgotten an anniversary or a birthday? Who hasn’t neglected to pick up their wife’s mother at the airport? Who hasn’t forgotten the car windows were down until after the onslaught of a thundershower? Or that there’s a pie in the oven? Or to undergo that vasectomy you had promised to get? Which is why I was fascinated by an entertaining new book on the best-seller list called “Moonwalking With Einstein,” which is about memory and how you can, and probably should, learn how to remember things – shopping lists, phone numbers, epic poems, the names of people you meet, and French verb forms – for longer than, say, 10 seconds.


The Evening Sun

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