Remembering Hazel & Ed
Published: December 23rd, 2010
By: Shelly Reuben

Remembering Hazel & Ed

So, somebody grabs you by the elbow and tells you that a book written by a little old lady who looks like Mrs. Santa Claus is really well written. Then the elbow-grabber adds that it is the first book the little old lady has ever written, that it was self-published, and that if you want to buy a copy, you can get it only at Horton Hardware in Afton, Henry’s Diner, or directly from the author.

You respond by saying … what?

“Let go of my elbow, you lunatic! Have you lost your mind?”

New scenario: I am holding a book in my hand. It is called “Remembering Hazel & Ed,” and it was written by Edna Lockwood, the aforementioned octogenarian. I am not Edna’s daughter, publicist, next-door neighbor, or friend, and I am telling you: This is a damn good book! Buy it! Read it! Give it as a gift to your parents, your children, your siblings, your friends.

It is memoir about Edna’s parents, Hazel and Ed Angle, and it is part adventure story, part disaster movie (how many fires can one family endure?), part psychological study, and part paean to the human sprit. Specifically, to Edna’s mother’s indomitable spirit.

Clearly, Hazel is Edna’s hero. After we finish the last page of the book, she is our hero, too.


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