Delivering Christmas: Greene Rotary
Published: December 20th, 2010
By: Melissa Stagnaro

Delivering Christmas: Greene Rotary

With early deadlines to meet Monday through Friday, my fellow ES staffers and I relish the chance to sleep in on Saturday morning. This weekend, though, we were all up with the birds to do a little Delivering. Literally, this time, since we had signed up once again to pitch in as part of the Greene Rotary Club’s annual Christmas “basket” delivery.

For more than 50 years, the Greene community has joined forces in this effort to bring Christmas to those in need in a highly-coordinated effort spearheaded by the Greene Rotary.

Many communities have similar efforts, delivering food, clothing and gifts to local families in need. But I’ve never seen anything on the same scale as Greene’s. Everyone from the schools, local businesses, service organizations, scouts, churches and whole families get involved. Both collectively and individually, they adopt families, hold food and clothing drives, raise money and dedicate countless volunteer hours to make it happen. It is truly awe-inspiring.

It all comes together on delivery day, when the “baskets” are delivered. They’re not baskets, really, but large cardboard boxes (donated by Page Seed). Each are heavily laden with food items, blankets, clothing, toys, etc. And most are accompanied by bags filled with gaily wrapped gifts in all sizes and shapes.


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