Things That Go Bump In The Night

By: Melissa Stagnaro

Things that go bump in the night

We couldn’t have picked a better night for The Evening Sun’s annual ghost hunting excursion. The moon, just shy of full, shone brightly through the broken cloud cover which blanketed the night sky. The only thing missing was the howling of some fanged beast to make it truly spooky.

This year, we selected the sleepy little village of Oxford for our foray into the paranormal. Graciously agreeing to join us on our investigation were two mediums: Audrey Aitken, who has served as our spirit guide on more than one prior occasion, and her friend, Marie, whose full identity we were asked not to reveal.

Our lineup included three stops, the first of which was the Oxford Memorial Library. Situated in one of the village’s most historical structures, the public library is one of the most distinctive edifices in Oxford. And we included it on our list at the behest of our esteemed editor, Jeff Genung. Not only did Jeff’s mother work at the library for many years, but he himself clocked more than a few hours there as a teen. His own experiences there, coupled with tales his mother had told him over the years, intrigued the rest of us as well.

Library Director Nancy Wilcox was gracious enough to give us access to the building, and even provided us a guide: Library Trustee Matt Voce.


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