Major’s Inn Hosts Quilt Show In Gilbertsville This Weekend
Published: September 29th, 2010
By: Tyler Murphy

Major’s Inn hosts quilt show in Gilbertsville this weekend

GILBERTSVILLE – The walls of the Major’s Inn in Gilbertsville will be decorated in a vast array of colorful patterns this weekend as quilters across the area gear up for the16th annual “Picture Perfect” show.

This year, local artists will be exhibiting more than 220 pieces at the historic inn.

In the spirit of this year’s theme, visitors will find a number of pictorial quilts at the event. The images are often crafted after real life photographs or paintings with an incredible degree of realism.

The Major’s Inn can be found nestled in the Village of Gilbertsville along Rt. 51.

Organizers for the Major’s Inn Foundation fundraiser, CeCe Rowe and Diana Heeman, said this year’s show will feature just over 220 handcrafted pieces from dozens of artists.

This year’s theme, “Picture Perfect,” is a tribute to the featured quilter, Marilyn Belford, who specializes in pictorial art quilts.


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