‘Tis A Mystery To Me

By: Tom Morgan

‘Tis a mystery to me

‘Tis a mystery to me why so much of mainstream media follows the lemmings over the cliff.

Major newspapers have bled readers for years. Big TV network news shows have lost viewers by the millions. CBS and CNN are apparently mulling the idea of combining their news operations in some way. ABC and NBC have gutted their staffs. As have the big newspapers. While Newsweek has crashed.

Why, then, is the Wall Street Journal gaining subscribers?  And making money?  Why is Fox News winning more viewers?  And making money?  Why does Drudge pile on more readers every month?

Rupert Murdoch owns the money makers. (He does not own Drudge.) He explains why his company is doing well. The mystery to me is why the owners of the others plug their ears.

He makes money because the others leave half the market to him. They tilt their news to the left. Their news and their editorial comment. If you disagree, please don’t shoot the messenger. Check out the many studies done by non-partisan media watchdogs.

By tilting so far left, they ignore readers and viewers in half the market. And often, they abuse them. That is, they often won’t cover stuff on the right because it makes their reporters and editors uncomfortable. A major Chicago radio station this week said it would not cover the Republican candidate in a local race. Because he was too critical of their Democrat favorite. This is typical.

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My local paper just ignored a tea party gathering in a tiny village near me. Over 1200 people gathered. That is the largest gathering for anything around here. If you torched the entire village 1200 people would not gather to watch. Yet to the daily paper the event never took place. That is an abuse of its customers.

Often, big media belittle those on the right. For example, rather than report, they go out of their way to paint tea partiers as racists, gun-toters, whatever.

My point is, simply, that this is not smart business. Big media competes, one against the other against the other, for half the market. Half. They leave the other half to Murdoch.


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