DVD Patrol

By: Todd Campbell

We’re on the road again, Patrollers! The DVD Patrol has been busy patrolling the countryside for the past few weeks. The main driver, the Toddster, has been steering the course and staying on track for everyone. On a personal note, I hope everyone has been enjoying our special columns for the past few weeks. Got some reviews of some brand new movies coming up in the next few weeks. There are a lot of good DVDs to get to as well so let’s get down to business. Let’s go!!

New on DVD

Avatar - When you’re fighting for a cause, sometimes it might be the wrong one to fight for. Meet Jake Sully (Sam Worthington). Jake is an Army veteran bound to a wheelchair serving in the army and was in retirement until he is called back to duty for a super secret project. The Military has colonized Space and has been working on a project on the planet of Pandora where a special mineral has been found. However, to mine it, they have to move a tribe living on the planet called the Na’Vi. Jake’s brother has disappeared and now they need Jake to take his place so he can have his mind placed in a special Na’vi Avatar that he will be able to control. It’s their hope that Jake can make contact and be able to report back what the tribe is up to. A mishap takes place and Jake gets separated from his unit. Then, he meets Neytiri (Zoe Saldana). She is able to show Jake the beauty of her world and what it means to live there. Will she be able to change Jake’s mind and who will he decide to fight for? Director James Cameron has said that an Avatar sequel is already in the works and it will be done underwater on the World of Pandora. Stay tuned!!

Crazy Heart - Jeff Bridges delivers a great performance in the role that won him the Oscar for Best Actor. Bridges plays a down on his luck musician named Bad Blake. Blake had a great career until a life of alcohol and tough personal choices turned his life upside down. Now, a young writer named Jean (Maggie Gyllenhaal) has decided to write an article about him and sees something in him that might be turned around. He might not see it but she does. Can she convince Blake that a second shot in life might be there? Bridges is getting ready to film a new version of the western “True Grit” with the Coen Brothers (Fargo) and will be released into theaters some time next year.

Also on DVD



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