Schools Of The Past: Bainbridge: District 12 – West Bainbridge
Published: April 8th, 2010
By: Patricia F. Scott

Again we visit the township of Bainbridge for another look at the remaining one of the two remaining district schools that comprised the twelve common and one Union Free schools in the township. The 1875 map of Bainbridge will give readers inkling to the location of the district schools.

District #12 (West Bainbridge) was near the intersection of State Route 206 and County Road #17 and this writer assumes that this school house is no longer standing. If this statement is incorrect, an apology on my behalf is given at this time.

A rather interesting tale was researched and written by H.H. Lyon in his columns “Early School History” that appeared in The Bainbridge News and Bainbridge Republican in the late 1930s. It bears repeating at this time as he wrote it. At the end of the school terms booklets were made relating certain facts relevant to the school year.

“Speaking of the two booklets mad up at the close of terms at West Bainbridge in 1851 and 1852, the outside of the ‘51 paper is put in the most elaborate form. It is headed “YOUTH’S THINKER” pen printed across the two pages of an open book. The first page was “edited by,” etc. On the second page, as pictured, is a list of “contributors” which I have mind to copy viz:

So now our paper you have heard complete

And listen now while we our names repeat

First Levina M., as that is the rule

Ladies precede in the list of our school

And Clarinda next in our list we find

With generous spirit and noble mind

And then the two Fosbury’s come in row

Called Ellen and Jane as you should know

While Evelina and Sarah join the band

With Salina and Sarah just at hand

And then Maria will our list complete

Off of the ladies who composed this sheet

And next in sight the gents do appear

There is Horace and John from the rear

Mr. Hendrick too for us a piece did write


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