The annointed, the elite

Only politicians could wonder why it is so many folks rank their majesties with septic seep. They fail to understand the contempt so many feel for them. Because they peer at the world through lenses of the anointed, the elite.

Here are a few of the shenanigans the pols have degraded themselves with lately: In the healthcare bills they have hidden favors for kickbacks from buddies. They have snuck a stack of taxes into those bills. They have sold their votes for pork.

They promised us transparency and open discussion. They instead slop through the pig swill behind closed doors. Many times the President promised us we would see all this on C-Span. So much for promises.

They slipped a provision in the bill that bans any future Congress from repealing it. That is a spit in the face of you and your children. It is the type of deceit we expect from the Putins, Mugabes and Chavezes.

They are so arrogant as to threaten to abolish the filibuster in the Senate. Any threat to their power must be destroyed.

Columnist Robert Tracinski lists the repugnant uses of power Democrats wield in Massachusetts. If Republican Scott Brown pulls off an upset and wins the “Kennedy Seat” in a special election, officials won’t certify his election until February 20. To prevent him from voting “nay” on healthcare. But when one of theirs won a special election in 2007 they certified him in two days. So he could vote “yea” on a bill they favored.

In Brown’s case, they will flat out ignore what voters might say they want. What could be more elitist?

Meanwhile the pols are telling us they know more than we do, more than our markets know. History is replete with governments that tried to pick winners in their economies. They poured bucks into industries and companies and technologies the politicians just knew would succeed. They ignored or penalized industries they just knew were old hat. And they were usually – if not always – wrong.

“Who cares,” they say? Today’s lot are at it again. They are funneling billions to subsidize green jobs, solar toothbrushes, wind-powered toilets. They are certain these sectors will be the winners in years to come. They penalize oil and cars that run on gas. And power that comes from coal and nuclear. Only politicians guzzling the bubbly of elitism could ignore history and boast that this time will be different.

Meanwhile, they have gerrymandered election districts to make it impossible to dislodge many from their seats. They are entitled to them, you see. They feel certain families are entitled to hold certain offices. They ignore the devastation and corruption the Barney Franks and Chris Dodds and Charlie Rangells have brought to the people’s congresses. They ask for money for favors they will hide in the pork slop of legislation. They keep themselves exempt from regulations they impose on us.

They grant themselves outrageous perks, bloated pensions, junkets a prince expects.

And they nearly swoon when pollsters tell them people pray a garbage truck will back up to Congress and sweep them all away.

From Tom ... as in Morgan.  

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