Delivering Christmas, Greene Rotary Style
Published: December 23rd, 2009
By: Melissa Stagnaro

Delivering Christmas, Greene Rotary style

I’ve always thought there was something special about the Greene community, but I’ve never been able to really put my finger on it. Until this weekend, that is, when our esteemed editor, Jeff Genung, and I took a trip to the southern end of Chenango. Our mission? To pitch in with scores of other volunteers to help the Greene Rotary Club with their annual “basket” delivery.

While Jeff and I knew the basics of the program - basically that the Rotary distributes baskets of food, clothing and gifts to local families in need - we were both unprepared for the full size and scope of the effort.

While the program is universally known in those parts as Rotary Baskets, it is an understatement of momentous proportions. Even calling them baskets is a misnomer, since they’re really boxes. Large cardboard boxes, donated by Page Seed, crammed full of food items, blankets, clothing, toys, etc. And more often than not, there are other boxes and bags gaily wrapped gifts to go with them.

From Paula Estabrook and the other organizers, we learned that the Greene Rotary has been coordinating this community wide effort to support families in need for more than 50 years. Both Jeff and I were blown away, not only by the amazing amount of coordination that goes into it all, but by how many groups and organizations pitch in to make it happen. I’m not sure I’ve ever seen anything like it before.


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