Local Quilter This Month’s Featured Artist At Cafe Connection
Published: September 22nd, 2009
By: Michael McGuire

Local quilter this month’s featured artist at Cafe Connection

NORWICH – Is it a quilt, or is it art?

Elena Marin says her work in an artistic expression incorporating many items and materials.

“It is about the freedom of fabrics, found objects, beads and all kinds of fibers,” she said.

Marin, an Oxford resident and renowned quilter, is this month’s featured artist at The Cafe Connection in downtown Norwich. The coffee shop/restaurant/gallery is currently showing more than 20 of her original pieces.

“Elena takes an enthusiastic approach to quilting that is innovative, and done in a non-traditional way,” said Rebecca O’Connor, Cafe Connection’s gallery coordinator. “Her work is unique. It’s a question: ‘Is it a quilt, or is art?’”

Marin was born in Romania and lives in Oxford. She began quilting in the United States about eight years ago, she said.


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