A Peek Behind The Curtain ...
Published: September 11th, 2009
By: Jeff Genung

A peek behind the curtain ...

“Transparency” is the vogue buzzword in my profession these days. Give your reading public a peek behind the curtain, and they’ll learn to trust you more, the pundits say.

Well, we’re going to open the curtains on our journalistic process this weekend (actually, we’re throwing a tent over it, but don’t spoil my analogy here) and give you, our adoring public, a chance to meet the people behind the bylines you read five days a week in The Evening Sun.

In what’s been an annual tradition for pretty much each of Colorscape Chenango’s 15 years, the staff of your hometown daily newspaper will be manning a booth in West Side Park near the main stage both Saturday and Sunday. We’re not selling anything; it’s just our annual meet and greet for the general public. Chained as I often am to my Lackawanna Avenue desk, it’s one of the few times a year I personally get out to see people in the daylight hours, so I’m pretty excited.

I’ll be joined in the tent this year as I am always by my editorial staff – Melissa deCordova, Tyler Murphy, Melissa Stagnaro, Pat Newell, Frank Speziale and the recently-returned Mike McGuire. Our esteemed publisher, Dick Snyder, usually drops by for an hour or two, as does our whiz-kid web guy, Craig Ballinger.


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