A Plan In Trouble

By: Tom Morgan

A plan in trouble

The healthcare plan from the President and Congress is clearly in trouble. There is a simple reason why this is so.

Now supporters stab their fingers at a hundred different reasons. They say the protests are staged, organized. People have been brainwashed by propaganda from the right. People don’t know what is best for them. The insurance companies are the villains. And, of course, Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity have conned millions. And all that.

Meanwhile, opponents of reform also cite a hundred reasons why the proposal cowers behind a rock at the moment.

There is a simple reason why the proposal is in trouble. From that one reason a hundred others sprout.

The reason: Most Americans are happy with their healthcare. They have told survey after survey they are happy. A substantial majority have. Only 19 percent rate our system as poor. And only 7 percent say their own healthcare is poor. That is according to a recent Rasmussen poll.

Think about that. Congress and the President want this country to take on massive changes in healthcare. These changes will affect all of us. And yet only 7 percent of us tell pollsters our own healthcare is poor.

Now, many of the same folks agree that we need changes. (We’re okay, but others need better healthcare.) But when you propose changes to folks who are happy with what they have, many of them say “I’m a happy camper. Don’t tamper with anything that applies to me.”

Truth is, if we are going to change healthcare in a big way, the changes will have to affect many millions who like healthcare the way it is. The way it is for them.

One big change will be higher taxes. Americans know the government cannot wade into this industry and lower costs. They know when government gets involved in anything, costs go up.



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