Keep The Filth On The Net And Off The Streets
Published: March 20th, 2009
By: Jim Mullen

 Keep the filth on the net and off the streets

A Cook County, Ill., sheriff is trying to bust, the (almost) free, online classified ad Web site, for running ads from prostitutes. I used to wonder why my old street corner looked so empty at midnight these past few years. All this time I thought the police were doing a fine job keeping the girls and the drug dealers off the streets, when it turns out that Craig was doing all the work.

Why stand at a cold, windy intersection in a black mini-skirt and a pink tube top in the dead of winter when you can stay in your nice warm apartment and wait for an e-mail? You’d think the sheriff would give Craig a public service award for cleaning up the streets instead of trying to nail him.


The Evening Sun

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