History repeating itself

 Evidence continues to mount that history is doing its thing again.  It is repeating itself. I refer to the religion of global warming. And the history of Galileo and an unfortunate fellow named Bruno.

Bruno insisted the Earth was not the center of the universe. He said the Sun was more important. And that the earth moved about the Sun. He was convicted of being a heretic and burned to death in 1600. That sure taught him a good lesson.

Along came Galileo, scientist.  He believed what Bruno believed. He was ordered before inquisitions in Rome and generally kicked around after that. Finally he was threatened with torture and placed under house arrest until he died in 1642.  The Vatican thoughtfully cleared him, after studying the question for 350 years.

Bruno and Galileo’s sin was to question man’s importance. Man inhabited Earth.  Therefore Earth was the center of the universe. Other heavenly bodies paid homage to Earth. Or so the thinking went. Whatever the Latin word for “Nah” was, Galileo spat it out.  “The Sun rules,” he said.

This was a direct challenge to the egotism of man. And men, brandishing those egos, punished him.

Today, many scientists have been punished for questioning global warming.  They have been denied research grants. They have been shunned by other scientists. They have been threatened with punishments. They have been chastised publicly.

The UN just held a global warming conference. To declare the world is warming like a teapot and we are tumbling into the abyss. Yet over 650 major scientists from around the world said - in their various languages - “Nah”. Or words to that effect.

It is clear the number of scientists who don’t believe what Al Gore believes is growing into a small army. Despite the bad treatment they have received.

Warming? Many of them argue that Earth has been cooling for 10 years. Al Gore tells us Arctic ice is melting. Scientists point out that Antarctic ice is growing.  And there is a lot more ice in Antarctic than in the Arctic.

Al Gore tells us the seas are rising. Skeptics come up with satellite data to show the opposite.  For instance the Indian Ocean was higher between 1900 and 1970 than it has been since. 

Al Gore frets that as Arctic ice melts the seas must rise. Duhh. Put ice cubes in a glass of water.  Please note the water level does not rise when the ice melts.  Arctic ice sits in water, Al.

When Al Gore tells us storms grow bigger and stronger year by year, many scientists show us the opposite is true. The last two hurricane seasons were the quietest in 30 years.  Ditto for cyclone activity.

Al Gore shows film clips of glaciers melting away. Scientists report Alaskan glaciers grew this year for the first time since the 18th century. Fairbanks had its fourth coldest October in 104 years.

Skeptics keep pointing to the Sun as the culprit. They keep finding evidence that the Sun’s activities over the centuries have pretty much determined whether the Earth warms or cools. They find evidence that the Sun’s behavior right now is causing cooling here. Just as it has caused warming here at times.  Sun spots affect our weather. Solar winds do too. Changes in solar magnetism do as well. Not to mention solar irradiation.

“Not to mention” is the perfect turn of phrase here. Those who worship at the global warming altar don’t want to mention the Sun. They believe the Earth is the center of global warming. They say, well, people live on Earth. If Earth grows warmer, people must be causing it. It could not possibly be the Sun. Any scientist who suggests the Sun is more important than the Earth should be punished.

Has humankind heard this before?

From Tom ... as in Morgan.                  

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